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Umberto Milletti is passionate about helping salespeople create stronger connections with their customers. In 2005, he started a company called InsideView, which delivers strategic opportunity intelligence to the salesperson’s desktop (integrated with Salesforce.com, Oracle CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions). Salespeople can set “selling triggers” so that they can receive the critical information about their key accounts that will add value and velocity to their sales pipeline. InsideView filters and prioritizes the information so that salespeople won’t waste their time on trivia.

Milletti, who speaks Italian fluently, recognizes that salespeople have to speak the language of the customer if they want to win more sales. He has moved his company ahead of its competition by integrating social information with business intelligence. Milletti’s marketing team coined the word “socialprise”, meaning a mash up between social information and business information. Milletti says the key to selling more is in recognizing that it’s no longer just who you know that will make the business deal happen, but “what you know about who you know” and “when and where you should know it.”

I recently had the opportunity to interview Umberto Milletti. Watch this 4-minute video to learn how to harness business and social intelligence and enhance your sales.

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