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trish bertuzzi

Great post and thanks for the lists. Also thanks for including me on the Sales 2.0 expert list!

I have to tell you that although I am a lover of all things online, there is something special about holding the printed word in your hand. For me it comes to this...online I scan...in print I read, take notes, save for future reference and ponder more. Just MHO.

Dennis Hall

Thanks for your perspective on making Twitter more relevant for business. Following my prospects - both companies and people - has served me well by helping me understand what's important while differentiating me from my competition. I continue to struggle with Twitter users who are bound and determined to sign me up for a multi-level marketing or other Ponzi scheme. I need to figure out a way to separate the "wheat from the chaffe" in a productive, accurate fashion. It's possible that in the near future we'll be "judged for the company we Tweet." Keep up the great work and thanks. -@Salesgrok

Bruce Colwin

Great piece, Gerhard, and some valuable resources. I particularly liked the comment ...

We always know when a book or a magazine is finished, but the Internet has no back cover. There is no stop sign that says, "you've come to the end of what we know."

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