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Chris Ryan

I agree with Michael. Opening your own business creates many challenges but it does give you the best chance at becoming a millionaire. But whether we are salespeople, marketers, entrepreneurs or anything else, the idea is to focus on the activities that give you the greatest return on your time investment and focus on these, while either letting the others go or outsourcing them to a co-worker or service provider.

The trick is to really understand the difference between time-filling and wealth-producing activiites. Once you know this, it is much easier to make the right choices.

Brett Clay

Those are really good points, Gerhard.

My key take away from your article is to consider time as a precious resource that must be wisely invested. We don't want to throw away time any more than we want to throw away hard-earned money.

Regarding your question about what investment in time will move a salesperson toward a million-dollar income the fastest: it is instructive to consider a microeconomic principle, i.e. your income is a measure of your marginal rate of productivity. Most people need a large, quantum leap in productivity to reach a million-dollar level of productivity. The best, if not only way to achieve that is by making a large investment in their professional development and acquiring valuable new skills.

In fact, I'll be provocative and argue that, in general, people's income will grow faster if they use that wasted time you are talking about to invest in new skills, rather than use it to simply apply their current skills harder.

What are your thoughts?

Michael Pedone - Online Sales Training

Excellent article, Gerhard.

I might add that to increase your odds even more, one may consider opening their own business.

I have met more millionaire business owners than I have millionaire sales people. Ironically, most of the millionaire business owners were one time top sales superstars.

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