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Willis Turner

You are a quick thinker. I'm not sure if I could have reacted so calmly under the same circumstances. As a frequent business traveler, I really appreciate your candid expression of how this happened and your thoughtful advice should this happen to the reader. Right now I'm very keenly aware of doing my own 'profiling' when watching fellow passengers board an airplane, but in future I'm also going to be more mindful of my surroundings when traveling on the street.

Best regards for your future safety and for all of us road warriors.


Razi Imam

Gerhard, my daughter had a similar experience in DC. She was headed back from her class at AU and got mugged. She is fine, however losing her computer was a bigger problem.

As to answer your question, I think you handled it beautifully. The key is reduce the time of engagement like you did.

Pelin Thorogood

Oh my god Gerhard, I had no idea! Glad all you lost is replacable "stuff" and not surprising that you managed to keep your cool the whole time...Stay safe, let's try to make sure the same thing doesn't happen when you visit San Diego next month!!

Barry Trailer

Gerhard, I'm so sorry to hear this happened--particularly in my home town. Glad to hear that you kept your cool and were not harmed. Tough way to do a computer upgrade. Thanks for sharing and your suggestions about what you learned.

Paul Castain

Boy, my heart stopped as I read your story Gerhard!

You did the right thing. No amount of money is worth risking your life.

As someone who travels quite often, you have given me something to think about and an example of how to keep your composure!

Thank you for sharing your story and I'm sure I speak for all your loyal readers when I say that we're glad you didn't get hurt!

All the best to you!

Paul Castain


If all you lost was money and a laptop - you did all the right things! So sorry this happended - but many thanks for sharing.

Tim Allik

You did the right thing. I was mugged a few years back by a few teenagers on an outdoor subway platform in Boston. They were just kids then. I wonder if they are in jail or even alive today.

The intensity of the out-of-control desperation that would drive someone to risk everything for a wallet that may or may not be empty must be stunning.

As a crime victim, it's wise to try to remember as many details about the situation as possible - as you did - so that you can file a report that might prevent the same thing from happening to someone else in the future.

Granted, the odds are long that the police will be able to devote the resources to even attempt to track down the perps.

My wallet was found a few days later underneath a bush in a nearby housing project, minus the money, but with everything else intact, including my license and an uncashed check that I subsequently cashed.

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