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Great post. There are a few Sales 2.0 tools that can help sales professionals. One tool/category that was not mentioned is business collaboration software. I think it can be used as a supplement to your traditional CRM solution. We use it and there is not a better way to create, categorize and exchange information with clients both pre and post sale. It is one of the few technologies that adds direct value to the client and prospect as well as our internal teams. We currently use a product called the BCN by DRE Software (www.dresoftware.com). You should check them out and inquire about their corporate plans. The service they provide is excellent.

Nigel Edelshain


Right on. I believe 2010 is the year when we need to CHANGE sales people's BEHAVIOR.

It's amazing in the real world that these great Sales 2.0 tools exist but SO many sales forces are NOT yet using them.

Now the rubber must hit the road. It's time for the PEOPLE element of the Sales 2.0 revolution to happen.

Thanks as always to shining a light on this great opportunity for all professional sales people and managers.


Chad Levitt

This is an excellent post and brings into focus some areas sales organizations and reps need to improve. If only 51% of reps are making quota there is much work to be done by sales organizations and reps. Learning to sell socially, use social media platforms and adapting inbound marketing techniques to the sales process are all ways sales reps can sell more effectively in Web 2.0. The New Rules of B2B Selling are in place and opportunity is there for those who know learn how to game the new rules. Check out www.NewSalesEconomy.com for more on how to use sales 2.0, social media, and inbound marketing as a sales strategy for the Web 2.0 world.

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