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Jim Capatelli

Sorry, Gerhard. But I couldn't disagree more.

Successful salespeople are truthful, intelligent, detail oriented and hard working. Ronald Reagan was none of these. Even his most ardent backers---and many of his closest aides---will admit that he rarely worked more than 3 or 4 hours a day. He disdained hard work. He wanted to spend most of his time going places where he could be wined and dined.

I could go on and on, but the point is pretty simple: Reagan was a showman who could recite vapid platitudes fed to him by the people who used him to manipulate public opinion. Real leaders---and successful salespeople---don't manipulate. They're sincere and well-informed.

There is a specious and bizarre mythology that has been developed around the failed presidency of Ronald Wilson Reagan. But serious historians are beginning to see this man for who he really was: someone who ran up a federal deficit that was larger than that of all previous presidents combined; someone who rarely read more than a page at a time; someone who illegally sent weapons to the dictators in Iran and then secretly used that money to fund terrorist groups in Central America; someone who privately made fun of AIDS victims and refused to make any effort to stop that disease when it was first uncovered in the 1980's; someone who pushed for policies that have vastly increased the gap between the very wealthiest in our society and the other 98% of us who work for a living; someone who did everything possible to keep our country behind in environmental policy, and so much more.

I have great respect for you and your company. But I strongly take issue with what you've written about Ronald Reagan. Hopefully you won't take my comments personally and you'll allow them to be published.

Jeff Ogden

Great post and great points about the Gipper and tie to sales. Great stories, simple language and artful use of voice were three things that made him such a great communicator.

Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor
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Michelle Thompson, B2B Sales & Client Management Professional

Miss the Gipper, need him more than ever now. Gerhard ... excellent analysis! Such great advice for professionals of all types ... sales, marketing, PR ... well, anyone wanting to make real connections with people and get results. As a communicator, he was the total package. As a leader, his ability to cast a compelling, contagious vision was masterful. Even today, his most strident adversaries give him credit on these points. We may not see the likes of him again, but I hope we do!

Jack Underwood

Great insights on President Reagan. He was a great leader that took America out of a very difficult era and provided the leadership that was required to re-establish our nation as a global leader. I really miss him!

Pete 'The Gold Caller' Ekstrom

In order to persuade others to see your point of view you need a special delivery to get your point across. In showbiz they say, "it's all in the delivery", and Reagan was a master of delivery. He often took lines from old movies and worked them into his speeches, and then he worked his 'folksy' delivery to humble himself, and make his point more appealing to his constituency, and the general public. Whether you agree with his policies, or not, Reagan's delivery was one-of-a-kind, and pure genius.

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