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Francisco Wilson

I gave my daughter 2 Ipods in a row, both broke days after warranty expired.
I gave my wife an Ipod shuffle that she used for one year. after 13 months, warranty already expired, she could not make it work anymore.
So I ask you why bother buying anything from Apple? Maybe buying any brandless chinese crap, paying 1/10th of the cost of an Apple would do the same wouldn't it?


Nicely written. I was going to leave Verizon due to crappy customer service, but will now reconsider, since their coverage is good.

Lisa G

Not too long ago an AT&T customer tried to email the CEO and got a voicemail in return that he should expect a cease & desist letter should he try to contact the exec again. The customer ended up starting a blog solely dedicated to this incident -- where he posted the voicemail. The blog got a lot of attention and ended up making the rounds in the media (Forbes, Slashdot, etc). The customer left AT&T and now has an HTC Evo with Sprint. http://attepicfail.tumblr.com/


but if you unlocked... no more AT&T problems!!!

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