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you have summerized a great and informative list to get success. I am sure this list can help in any year to gain success no mater whatever your business is... Thanx for such a great post..

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Excellent Excellent Excellent Post. the point you have raised in this post are not going to give you success for 2011 only, you can use these tips to get success anytime. the points i love in your post are

1)Turn failure into fertilizer.

The examples you have given in this point are practical and give motivation to anyone in getting success.

2)Define success: this is again the most important thing that everyone must think and define. I love it.

3)Innovate: Definitely, the most important thing for any business.

Thanks for this great post. I'll share these precious points with my fellows.

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I just have to agree that you've got a great listing to look upon for success measurement. All were very well versed and boldly explained. I was particularly enlightened by the first in the list work harder and play better and expand to achieve the best.


What a great list. I love all of them. My favorite is 'Improvise' It is so important for a sales person. Maybe that is why I love jazz so much

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