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Top sale gurus have found the trend of the year 2011 and this forecasting has been done on the rational basis. The
Sales Expert are also doing the posting of their comments on their previous experiences.

Eric Kerkhoff

Selling is value creation. If you are not creating value as part of the sales process you will have a very tough time as a sales professional selling in the next few years. If you are a sales leader, you need to help (coach) your individual contributors on how to create value as part of the sales process or your organization is going to have a tough time selling, and/or you will lose significant margin, in the next few years.

Sales Training

Great advice from the gurus in the business.

Ken Thoreson

From my perspective, I see a continuation of the challenges of the past few years, but also selling into a "recovering economy" will demand that sales talent must refresh their messages, refresh their minds, and offer new more creative solutions that address the 5 business challenges that every business faces. Strategic sales leadership & management must be activated to enhance the entire sales process and professional execution must be stressed at all levels to win market share.
Ken Thoreson, Acumen Management Group.

Daniel Robus

Some excellent insights. I imagine that all of the elements above may come true as the market is growing to such an extent that it allows for all types of sales people. The difference is where you might make large margin could be different....


They just analyze the trend from various perspectives.

Jonathan London

Here is another point; the more you can do for your clients, the better because they don't want to do it. Make the hard part easy and they will by from you.

Jonathan London

It all depends on what you are selling and to what market. I sell my services to industries where people still rely more on who they know vs. the internet. For example, I just won and lost some business for that very reason. So I can spend all my time and money with social marketing and it wouldn't have mattered in those cases. So let's not confuse sales with marketing (which is essential for any business). I don't see any difference in the sales process once you meet a prospect. Granted, they have more information available, but the process is pretty much the same. I just did a research project for a WW company and it was all the same, build relations, understand requirements, sell solutions, close the business. PLEASE, will somebody educate me if I am wrong. I don't want to be naive.

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