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Very insightful article. For me, the ability to leverage technology for research is a huge thing that both buyers and sellers are coming to terms with, but an area in which most sales are somewhat further behind. As a buyer, I expect access to 90% of the information that I need online, allowing me to qualify the product or service before I speak to anyone. I can then have an intelligent discussion with a sales person about my needs. As a sales person, I should have a fairly good idea of what the buyer is going to ask for before I speak with them.

The other key thing that this article raises is that the small amount of time that buyers and sellers spend together should be useful time. These interactions are still far too dull, poorly structured and unhelpful. Using technology such as iPads to stimulate the meeting with visual content, and having a more natural conversation focus, carefully structured by the sales person in reaction to the buyers responses, will both help to make these sessions more valuable for both parties.

Jonathan London

I think a critical element of time management of what the time is being spent on. Are people scurrying around chasing anything and everything or is it focused on their sweetspot?


You have raised excellent points and the break down in percentage is very clear. I personally think that if salesforce is capable, speaks truth, make customers feel better by putting their snaps on company's office etcs, involving customers in short term decision making about prodcuts then this will feel make them feel very personal and we would have a personal relation with them. All these strategies are to keep them with the company. But yourr post is really good.

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