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I wish I would of come across this artcle before I started to use facebook for business purposes. I learned more here then reading back and forth on facebook on creating a business page. Social marketing is becoming a way to promote your business. Thank you for sharing your information.

Kathy Tennant

I love your last line, Kevin: and in a more-and-more-interconnected, overcaffeinated, hypercompetitive, Mach-5-with-your-receding-hairline-on-fire world, that pay-it-forward spirit will serve you well.

What a description of this social selling world!
Thanks for the post!

Desking tool

I agree it's everywhere. And not just Facebook, almost every social site contains are being used as selling platforms. The more viewers for your pages count, the more potential customers you may have. Society has the power to spread the word.

Barbara Giamanco

Excellent piece, Kevin. I especially like how you remind people that social media isn't about the technology...you called it sociology, which certainly fits. Reminding people that the whole point is to engage with other people, because after all, we buy from people, is such an important message to reinforce. I hope the impatient sales folks out there will take note and stop broadcasting their sales pitch just because they have access to a social media megaphone.

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