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Woah! Awesome content. I like the phrase "Good salespeople don't aim to improve the world; instead, they work at improving themselves." because this is very true. Thanks for the great read.


Great topic Gerhard & I think a really important one. In Adam Grant’s new book Give and Take he says that the greatest untapped source of motivation is a sense of serving others. By focusing on the contribution of our work to other people’s lives has the potential to make us more productive than thinking about ourselves.

In his book he offers proof by reading testimonials, like Theresa’s story, to call center employees, and within a month found that they were spending 142% more time on the phone and bringing in 171% more revenue, even though they were using the same script.

So the customers must have heard the magic in the call center employee’s voice.

So get your salespeople to work on stories about how they have helped customers to not just be better at communicating with customers but to re-connect with themselves the meaning behind what they do.

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