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Christine Crandell

Going in and telling your CEO you want a better demand generation program is a great idea. Except that your CEO is unlikely to be able to move the needle on that front.

Lead nurturing, just as lead scoring, is a wishful thinking exercise if it is conducted without context. 90% of B2B marketers and sales people have no detailed knowledge of the customer journey their prospects are on. Given that 80% of B2B buy cycles are completed before the prospect wants to engage with sales. And 97% of initial sales conversations are considered a waste of time by the prospect - context is key.

Context comes from an indepth understanding the steps and tollgates comprising the customer journey lifecycle. Do that - and you'll get your 300% increase AND 20% more revenue. For more check out http://www.forbes.com/sites/christinecrandell/2013/04/05/sales-and-marketing-alignment-begins-with-the-customer/

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