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It is now about selling outcomes, what wiill your sale allow the customer to do or achieve that makes a top or bottom line better situation for them and/or their business. Listening now also extends to social selling, listening to your customers on social to understand more about them and to engage with them on multichannels.


Agree and disagree. Empathy is only sincere when it is founded in a true understanding of your customers processes and challenges and how the features and benefits of your product can solve their problem(s). Customers recognize false empathy immediately and reject empathy without substance. You better not only know the features and benefits of your product but thoroughly understand your customers processes and how the two fit. Anything else makes you a waste of your customers time. This is not evolution, it is "blocking and tackling".


Great Article!

Sales has evolved and our teams must as well. If you are still "over coming objections" and not truly listening...you will miss your sales growth goals.

If you are throwing features and benefits against the wall waiting for a buyer to yell; BINGO I now understand the problems you can solve for me...you will not hit sales growth goals.

Emotional intelligence is the key today and will differentiate you. Most people do not understand that you can learn and improve in this area as I shared in a post some time ago https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-secret-sales-success-today-emotional-mark-allen-roberts-?trk=mp-reader-card

Great Article I will be sharing.

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