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Larry Duckworth

SOAR Selling will get you in the door like nothing else I have seen in 40 years of C-leadership. Then once in a No can mean a weak Value Statement (in about the first 30 seconds usually), as well explained by Dave; and/or underlying objections that need to be discovered and then leveraged and pivoted to a Yes. Turning objections into a Yes is an art that can be learned. To me as a former Sales Manager, professional B2B selling does not start until there is an objection to be overcome. Everything else is just simple order taking. If B2B selling was easy everybody would be doing it.

Value Statements must have an early emotional "grab" to be acted on by very busy people that are constantly sold to; the Why. After that initial interest grab, a "tell me more" response is the objective. Then you can get into the What elements. The How should then be face-to-face (meeting or webinar), since B2B selling is P2P selling (People-to-People). The flow is a "communisuasion" art. Many outsource such specialized skills to prospecting specialists.

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