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Larry Duckworth

Good post! "An ounce of prevention..."

Added to these good process flow predictors, deal quality(!) predictors can be even more powerful for avoiding disappointments. These can be set up in most CRMs for true control of the probability and dependability of the deal happening per projections. External tools can be used as well.

B2B Selling is P2P Selling, People To People. Also, compelling needs must exist to provide deal energy. In all of my successful CSO, COO and CEO roles I was heavily focused on deal quality for results prediction (and accurate forecasts to the Board).

Besides the dashboard tracking the above deal flow predictors, I use a 10 points quality rating per deal on a 1-5 scoring for each (5 is strong, and the goal; if not a 5 then remediation is needed). The top five are:
+ We are directly talking to THE Decision Maker;
+ The Decision Maker is our Champion;
+ Compelling needs exist in our solution space, that will justify procurement and change management costs being expended;
+ We have the strongest unique criteria and they will be used in the selection process, whether formal (RFP) or informal;
+ No key recommenders are against us.

These ten checklist items can cause "oh bleep" moments, but it will be early enough to take remediation action. "Quality is never out of style."

I can send you an Excel file for these ten at lduckworth@primordial leader.com, or 404-307-0033.

Larry Duckworth

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